Last update(2008/10/13)

Project vision

Office admin description and plan is here. And it's the area to describe the focus of office suite,such as office resource management,budget, reimbursement management.

Meeting Room

Now have meetingroom reserve function.It's based struts,hibernate,db4o. And will not update in future. But a new version based on jboss seam will be implemented

Pro Todo(havenot put on sf)

Use jboss seam to create a protodo, which means. Include a normal todo, record which will todo;

Now the project have been create use jsf, whitch i not like so much. I will create a flex or air client to connet the web service which the seam framework provided.

A log system , to record which you think it will be refrenced in future.

A knowlege management, which include the following phase, Buzzword, Comprehend,Lab,Practice. And you can assign todo to which phase.


This program now is a chinese program, and current created use flex,witch means it cannot save the worked data.

reimbursement(Have not put on sf.)

use jboss rules to support unlimited approve layer.jbpm support approve and audit. Currently use jsf as the view layer.